Why take a private or semi-private lesson?

Private or semi-private lessons (2-3) are ideal to practice the three F’s:

Focus – Come to your lesson with specific goal/question (or get help in establishing them) and use the time with me to give it your full attention.

Feedback – Get expert, experienced feedback to adjust, try something new or problem solve. With over 20 years dog training/teaching and learning, I’ve seen a lot!

Fix-it – Try again and see the improvement OR ask the next question.

You may be training on your own, taking a local class or have registered for an online class. These private/semi-private lessons will supplement that instruction and give you more 1:1 time, an experienced eye for problem solving or confirmation that you are on the right track in your training.

Or, you and a couple of friends who have puppies or dogs at the same level may want to get together to arrange for some small focused class time.

How can I help? Here is an example. Recently a friend who is taking both in-person and online classes was scratching her head about the behavior of her young dog in a class situation. After a few diagnostics (Focus), we figured out the problem (Feedback), adjusted her reinforcement, got success and a plan to improve her dog’s understanding (Fix-it). Yay!

Possible Topics
  • Foundations such as effective use of rewards, its your choice games, handling flatwork – such as recalls and circle work, or teaching impulse control. Or simply answering this question: “I have a new puppy…what do I do now?”
  • Wing work – teaching collection and verbals
  • One-two jump work for teaching commitment or jumping skills such as collection and extension
  • Tunnel skills including threadles
  • Teaching and/or proofing verbal cues
  • Weave entries/exits
  • 3 or 4 jump handling drills
  • Teaching the 2on2off behavior using props such as a target plank