I offer occasional workshops, online private lessons and in-person private or semi-private lessons.  Why take a private or semi-private lesson?

February 2021 Webinars:

  • Making the Most of the Agility Course Map and Walkthrough
Online Private Lesson:
  • Online private lessons can be effective using Zoom conference. Using Zoom gives us the option of sharing videos, course maps, drawing on a whiteboard, or even a live demo. Video analysis of course runs or evaluating training clips is perfect for this format. Other formats are possible as well. These lessons can be scheduled for 30 minute or 60 minute blocks or by subscription…buy one hour of consults and use it to ask questions, submit videos for review, etc as you progress through your training. Cost $60/hour.

In-Person Lessons at Saavy Dog Sports*:

Contact me to schedule:

  • In person Private Lesson – 1:1 session with you and one or more dogs. Cost $75/hour
  • In person Semi-Private Lesson – Arrange to come with a friend or two for a semi-private lesson. Up to 3 teams. Cost $80.
  • In person Semi-private Lessons can be extended to 90 minutes for $120.

*Saavy Dog Sports has crown matting and an approximate 40 x 60 ft working space. Large enough for small sequences and all Foundation work.

I would love to work with you; contact me via e-mail or messenger to schedule a lesson.  Even better, use this form to tell me about yourself.

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