2021 Workshops: 2on2off Contacts – the END BEHAVIOR

2on-2off Contacts Training and Proofing the END BEHAVIOR Workshops  June 2021

These two workshops will focus on proofing the 2on2off contact behavior.  The behavior is actually quite complex! It involves the dog’s ability to independently find and maintain a stationary behavior while the handler runs alongside; and to wait for a specific release to the next obstacle even under the excitement of running agility.  A tall order! Two workshops are offered.

June 1st (6-8pm) Workshop 1: Training the 2on2off END Behavior: In this workshop, we will break down the skills your dog needs to have a fast and independent 2on2off behavior. You will leave with homework and a better understanding of this complex behavior and how to work on the individual components. This is appropriate for young dogs just learning the skills. This is also appropriate for dogs doing full contacts but who self-release, slow down or need the handler right next to them. The workshop could reveal the weaknesses and give you a plan to fix them. The video below shows the kind of result that is possible if your dog independently understands the behavior – focus forward, drive to the end of the board and immediate stop (willing to pass me), wait for release regardless of what I’m doing, wait for release with distraction of toy, in front of tunnel, etc. If you are just starting your training, you may want to check out my online course on the 2on2off Contact Behavior.


June 28th (6-8pm) Workshop 2: 2on2off Ninja Proofing in Sequence: For students who have progressed beyond single plank work and are working the target plank in sequences or performing full equipment.   This session will fine-tune your 2on2off behavior training and proofing drills creating trial-like challenges for the dog. All using a target plank, a few jumps and a tunnel.  Appropriate for dogs who are doing simple sequencing and all dogs running courses. If you apply what you learn in the first workshop, you may be ready for this one!  I call this Ninja proofing because it more closely simulates the arousal a dog will have in a trial setting.

Location: Workshops will be held at Savvy Dog Sports, 67 Lanning Rd, Honeoye Falls, NY

Cost: $35


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