Planning for the New Year – You get to Choose

As we approach the New Year, you may be making plans, setting goals and generally getting excited about what lies ahead.  Me too!  I’d like to point you to two sources for inspiration – both make the important point that You Get to Choose when setting goals for yourself and your dogs.

1) Sarah Stremming’s post from several years ago about Choosing Quality for our dogs over quantity of training, trialing, etc.


2) Bad Dog Agility’s recent podcast on “Choose Your Own Agility Adventure” which explores the idea that you can reject conventional notions of success and create your own agility adventure. Who and what influence your idea of dog agility success? How can you be creative in determining your own agility path? And why letting go of certain goals can be freeing.

Both of these posts are about making your own choices when it comes to you and your dog(s).  And they are about defining your own goals – those that make sense for you, your dogs and other parts of your life.

Goal setting doesn’t have to be complicated.  Roughly right will get the job done.  Bringing some thought to what makes sense for you, your dogs and the rest of your life is probably the most important part of the process.  I hope you find the perspectives of Sarah and Bad Dog Agility useful as you look forward to 2018!