Back again!

Hello again!  I started this blog when Tai – who is now 6 yrs old! – was a puppy and kept it up for several years and then for no particular reason, I stopped posting. But now, thanks to the help of my son, David, my website has been renewed and reorganized. Training materials are archived in the page titled “Training Resources”. Events are listed on the – you guessed it – the “Events page”. And, I have at least 4 draft blog posts floating around on my computer or in my head. So, stay tuned.

IMG_9718A wise person told me once that getting a puppy renews our training and so, with that in mind…here is a picture of my nearly 8 month old puppy Nick, who is doing just that.  Nick is a little gift that fell into my lap last September.  He is just what I didn’t know I was looking for 🙂 and we have already had lots of fun together.