Tai the Party Guy

Tai – just 8 weeks old today-  is a party guy.  He loves everyone he meets, is generous with his puppy kisses and his antics quickly bring smiles and laughs.  We hit the road over the last few days – to take advantage of this critical socialization period.  Tai met new people, visited new places, was around new adult dogs (but didn’t interact with them) walked on new surfaces, experienced dirt in his face, learned he can bury his head in fresh snow, listened to noisy crows, was alone in his crate in a new place, met a worker that came to the house and watched him drill and hammer with interest.  We even found a patch of grass in our yard.  What did he do?  Tried to eat it of course!  He handled all these new experiences relaxed and curious.

Training is progressing nicely.  We’ve done food exchanges, food round robin with all the dogs and he’s learning that it pays to keep a little distance when I’m eating.  He’s comfortably wearing a collar and is learning about leashes (they are not tug/chew toys).  He’s had his nails clipped, his first bath and has lots of full body massages including feet.  He’s a pro at Sit-Tug-Sit. We’ve played the game in different rooms in the house, outside and in a friends training barn.  The clicker is loaded and he is hand targeting.  The light bulb has gone on that his behavior can elicit a reward.   We’ve done lots of recalls to the mama and he’s fallen in love with Dad’s rough housing games.   Oh…I’ve learned something too.  Razor sharp little teeth mean it’s wise to keep LOTS of chew toys handy.

And when the party is over, Tai definitely knows how to relax.


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